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​Our episode "Jersey's Jackpot" will be on again Wednesday 2/17 at 8pm on the History Channel!

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"this is pretty cool!"
Mike taking a tour of the machine shop
George getting his mic on!
Jessie and Mike
George leading the pickers to the next destination on his knuckle
Frank and George talking about the '46 knuckle
Had to get the knuckle in the van shot!
meeting the crew
Shop talk
Making a deal!
George III ("Rhett") needed proof that the Pickers were his excuse for being a few minutes late to football practice!
Loading up the goods
Sean and Bevan talking with Frank
Getting ready to take off
one day of filming......a lifetime of memories!
trying to sell these guys a street bike....didn't work lol
Frank checking out our parts counter to see if there is anything he can't live without!
12 hours of filming = exhausted. That's a wrap folks!

​It all started with an email~

    We heard that the American Pickers were coming to Ohio, so we got on the website and sure enough, they had it posted on there and that if you were interested in being on the show to send an email. So we did! 
     Less than 30 minutes later, a response came back! They wanted to see more pictures of what we had to offer. We took lots of photos and sent them back. That day, we received a phone call from a scout who was wanting to come out and take a look around and make sure it was worth the effort for filming. Less than 2 weeks later the scout was here and they liked what they saw! Before we knew it, they were here on site filming. Filming lasted about 12 hours and the whole crew was so great and so friendly. It was an amazing experience and we couldn't be more pleased with how everything turned out! We will definitely be telling this story for the rest of time! 

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